Nuclear Chemistry
Quick Study Instructors Guide

Dr. Frank Settle


This is a guide to teaching Nuclear Science in a one or two session unit to non-science majors.  

The expected outcome is that students can apply nuclear science  to world events and begin to critically evaluate what the see hear and read.

The pedagogy is based on "Chemistry by the Case" by Prof. Frank Dinan of Canisius College, Buffalo, NY. 

First Class Session

1.  What will be covered and what the student should read before class.  

2. Quiz on Readings - to  be given in the first five minutes of class.

3. Cover the material.

Second Class Section

3. Problem Set - Team 

4. Case Study - Team


the complete source 


the complete source for nuclear science information

for nuclear science information





See: Journal of College Science Teaching, Vol XXXII, No. 1, p. 36.  

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